Friday, January 26, 2007

Misplaced New Englanders of the World, Unite!

I was wandering about the cafe today, when someone next to me stopped and noticed the sandwich I was assembling...

Other: "Is that mozarella?"
Me: "Yes"
Other: "Where did you find that?"
Me: "Over by the soup bar; I'm re-creating an Au Bon Pain sandwich."
Other: "Did you live in Boston?"
Me: "Why yes..."
I've never been able to find a shop around here that makes a fresh mozarella, tomato, and pesto sandwich, so I was thrilled to recently discover that the cafe is stocking mozarella by the deli/soup bar, while also wondering just how long I hadn't noticed. Back in the day, when I lived in Inman Square, this was one of my staple foods (the sandwich, that is) for the weekend treks into the city proper. It's not Boston, but it is a connection...

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amadeusLL said...

NO MOZARELLA IN CALI??? The horrors... Oh yeah, that's right, I'm lactose intolerant - do I care?! (Although Au Bon Pain does have good sammies and chx noodle soup. ;)

I'm already counting my blessings that I don't die eating mayo.

Go cheese!